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Korea trip for ASL
  Silver_nz, Apr 17 2023

Hi all, I'm heading over to Korea for the first time on 25th of April, aiming to find my way to the ASL finals on the 28th!
Just though I would put a post up in case anyone is in Seoul at the same time and wants to meet up.

In other news, I joined a hunting hike, was like being in battle sneaking around the river plains and up streams to trying to spot deer.
No luck this time, though am keen to get out in the untracked wilds again for another overnight hike. Three days was a good amount of time to explore in.

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For Zerg Kings
  Silver_nz, Jul 21 2021

I've been getting into creating subtitles for Queens lecture videos lately. If anyone Zergs are still playing SC, these are great information for the current meta.

Conversely if any C-level Protoss players want a game or two, I am up for practice :D

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Always bet on Trump
  Silver_nz, Nov 13 2016

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